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 “We know that Jesus wanted to show solidarity with every person. He wanted everyone to experience his companionship, his help and his love. He identified with all those who suffer, who weep, who suffer any kind of injustice. He tells us this clearly, ‘I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.’" Pope Francis



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Who We Are

Holy Family Home is a homeless shelter that is a ministry of St. Anthony Church and the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, both of North Providence and St. Edward Church of Providence. Our mission is to serve the most vulnerable segment of society, namely mothers with children who have become homeless due to various financial difficulties and hardships.

Unlike other homeless shelters that only provide temporary space for persons to reside, our goal is different. We provide a safe and pleasant home style setting where our residents have the necessary tools and resources so that that they can rebuild their lives, find permanent housing and eventually become self-sufficient

Our facility provides shelter for up to 12 woman and their children in a renovated building that once housed a Catholic Elementary School.

Each of the four large classrooms that had existed have been sub-divided into climate controlled rooms that house one family. In addition, we have added other amenities such as shower rooms, laundry room, a commercial restaurant type kitchen/dining room, a large recreation room for children, chapel and a fully supplied giving library. We also have a large outside landscaped play area for children to play and learn.


Holy Family Home also provides an array of services to homeless woman with children beyond what a “homeless shelter” normally provides. In addition to providing a very safe and nurturing environment for woman and children, Holy Family Home has entered into partnerships and agreements to provide services such as wellness and health checkups by several physicians and pediatricians, physician assistant and nurses who are volunteers at our shelter. In addition, we have reached out and have secured from at least two large employers, a job and any requisite training for any woman who is currently unemployed. In order to facilitate the ability to that end, we have also secured no cost day care and transportation for any child under the age limit for schools.  In addition, our group of volunteer teachers will provide after school tutoring for each and every child that resides at Holy Family Home.

In our continuing effort to ensure that each resident has access to all outside services that they are entitled to, we continue each day to identify and pursue new services in order to extended and create new partnerships with additional outside organizations.  Some of these supports include a no cost on-site G.E.D. training for any woman who does not have a high school diploma, counseling, nutritional education, meal planning and cooking classes, so that these woman will have the ability to provide their children with healthful meals after they leave our facility.  We have also entered into agreements to provide no cost day care and many other children’s programs such as early intervention, head start and others. In addition, our amazing volunteer’s bring many years of knowledge and education from a vast and diverse range of backgrounds and occupational fields that help our residents in numerous ways.  Some of these aptitudes include financial literacy classes, multi-part parenting classes, reading classes, learning programs and more are being added.  In addition, we provide in house case management and other social services.


We realize that most woman who leave a homeless shelter and are placed into housing typically fail after several months. To address this issue, we have also entered into agreement with another faith based outreach agency to provide follow up aftercare during this critical time, and afterwards if needed.

These, as well as a host of other programs for both mother and child, are just some of the programs that we will have in place at our facility, all designed to assist women and children in a time of crisis and give them the opportunity to eventually rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient.

Our Mission

The mission of the Holy Family Home for Woman and Children is to provide a safe, caring and nurturing home for woman with children who find themselves in peril and do not have the ability or resources to improve their situation. We will therefore strive to provide accommodations and assistance to those of all faiths and denominations who need help and support during a time of crisis.

Guided by the Holy Spirit and following the teachings and mission of the Catholic Church, we are here to serve others with fellowship, love, compassion, charity and understanding. We will endeavor to make each person we encounter feel respected and valued, and to restore hope and dignity to their lives. We will gladly provide guidance and direction to anyone who seeks it.

Holy Family Home


Mothers and Children

979 Branch Avenue - Providence, R.I. 02904

Holy Family Home is a non-profit organization that does not take any funding from government agencies. We operate strictly on donations from benefactors and those who wish to give back in order to help others in the community.

We believe that by incorporating a spiritual approach and exhibiting a high level of respect and dignity, these woman and their children may overcome the many hardships they have faced and realize hope and the possibility of a better future.

If you would like to help these woman and children, and make an investment in their future, please consider making a donation.  Please make checks payable to:

Holy Family Home

C/O St. Anthony Church

5 Gibbs Street

North Providence, R.I. 02904





Inquiries please call

(401) 304-7744



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Matthew 25


I was hungry, and you gave me food. 


I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink. 


I was naked, and you clothed Me.


I was sick, and you visited Me.


I was in prison, and you came to Me.

And the King answering shall say to them,


 I say to you,


Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brethren,


you have done unto me.